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7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Recruiters

Imagine a world where every sales force is above quota.

Even during these uncertain economic times, we believe it’s a realistic point of view — especially to those sales leaders who apply certain best practices when attracting and retaining the best sales talent.

Following every business downturn, companies realize they need to grow the top line to survive. When CFO Magazine asked subscribers in June 2011, “Which job functions are most needed at your company right now?” the sales function tied for first place along with skilled professionals (electricians/plumbers). Manpower’s 2011 Talent Shortage Survey showed that sales professionals were the second-most difficult skills to find. Clearly, the high beam headlights are now turned on sales leadership to increase sales and save the day.

But just look at the challenges those high beams reveal. A 2011 study by CSO Insights reported that 35% to 45% of sales reps fail to meet assigned sales targets. If you’re the head of sales, these results are a fast track to becoming an endangered species! It is estimated that of the nearly 15 million sales-related jobs in the U.S., 26% will turn over this year. That’s a 26% error rate — and nearly all of it, whether desirable or undesirable, is scrap and waste. Manufacturing, with their Six Sigma metrics, would find that intolerable. So should the sales function tolerate that? Maybe these metrics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Written by John Hoskins, this free whitepaper will change the way you recruit Sales talent!